Microsoft Xbox One vs Sony PS4: Specs Shoot Out

xbox one vs ps4

Since February when Sony unveiled its PS4 platform, gamers have been waiting – and speculating- about what Microsoft will offer in their Xbox One –  also called Xbox 720.  Wait is over now with the event on 21st May when details of Xbox One were revealed by Microsoft at a special event.

On face of it both Xbox One and PS4 match up on technical specifications.  They use almost similar platforms.


Xbox One as well as PS4 both use modified AMD 8-Core X86-64 processors of the Jaguar class.

Xbox One uses the 8-Core AMD CPU @ 1.6 GHz that comes combined with on chip GPUof a system-on-a-chip design with DirectX 11.1 support.  32 MB of embedded ESRAM gives the whole thing a bandwidth boost.

PS4 also uses the same Jaguar Class 8-core AMD CPU @ 1.6 GHz along with 1.84 TFLOPS Radeon Graphic Processor.


Both systems come with 8 GB RAM.  Here PS4 seems to have an upper hand with DDR5 RAM compared to DDR3 RAM used on Xbox One.  What remains to be seen is what difference the ‘system-on-a-chip’ designs of Xbox One processor makes to the overall performance.

Hard Drive                               

While PS4 had only mentioned ‘suitably large’ built-in HDD, Xbox One is specific about a custom designed 500 GB HDD.

With all of the above there is very little to differentiate the two systems which are yet to be commercially available.

Who has better Controller?

Both Sony and Microsoft have stuck to their time tested and accepted gamepads with small changes.  Xbox One controller is similar to the one currently available.  They claim 40 design innovations.  These appear to be more subtle tweaks.    One interesting new feature is Impulse Trigger.  It will be interesting to see its impact on racing or shooting games.

PS4 come with new DUALSHOCK 4 controller that has minor improvements over the previous generation controller.  A touchpad on top of the controller may be used to flip objects around or draw a path that characters may follow.  One will be able to experience all the possibilities only when the systems become available.


Kinect vs Eye

Motion sensing is very important for the next generation of gaming.  Keeping that in mind Xbox One Kinect and PS4 Eye become very important.  Not much has been revealed by Sony regarding PS4 Eye.  What one knows about it is, its similar shaped camera bar contains two 1280×800 px cameras.  Microsoft referred to the advanced camera of Kinect as “human control for human experience” during the May 21 announcement of Xbox One.  1080p Kinect 2.0 will be able to process 2GB of data per second making it capable of analyzing slightest movements of wrist or body.

So who wins?

Frankly on the specs there is nothing much to choose between the two.  One has to wait to experience the actual products when they are commercially available.

In all this talk of the specs one subtle difference seems to be getting missed out.  Sony still positions PS4 primarily as a gaming console.With the PC and TV like functionalities being brought into Xbox One, Microsoft seems to be moving in the direction of making Xbox One a home entertainment system.


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