Some of the Most Addictive Games on Xbox 360

Outlined below are some of the best games on Xbox 360, based on personal opinion of course:

Bioshock – This was probably the top game in 2008. Bioshock is basically a shooting game with RPG elements set in 1960’s. A city known as Rapture is set up under water by a business tycoon Andrew Ryan. The city is supposed to be a refuge for the people granting them super human powers and freeing them from the worldly worries and problems. Jack a normal human being suddenly lands in Rapture, after an air crash. He gets to know the secrets of this mystical world and overcomes the enemies using different weapons and plasmids which give him unique powers.

bioshock xbox 360 cover

Halo 3 – This last game in Halo trilogy features the battle between Master Chief United Nations Space Command. It’s a science fiction set in 2552-53. Setting the clock back in the past, in the year 2525, a religious alliance of aliens known as Covenant comes across humanity on many other planets. The humanity is declared to be an affront to their gods by the covenant. They therefore start destroying these colonies by bombarding them with barrages of plasma, which turns their surface into glass.

halo 3 cover

Gears of War 2 – This game too is a science fiction tactical shooting game. It involves the battle between humanity and an alien locust swarm after a light mass bomb was detonated in the previous game. During the course of the battle, a player can carry only a pistol, just one type of a grenade and two other types of a weapon at a time. He is however allowed to swap these weapons found at strategic locations or left behind by the killed or defeated enemies. The multiplayer mode is a treat to play on Xbox 360 with a large array of weapons in the armory.

gears of war 2 xbox 360 cover

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – This is the game set in the modern times i.e. in the year 2011. British Special Air Service and the American Marines get involved in a coup d’état in the Middle Eastern Arab world, and simultaneously a civil war breaks out in Russia between the ultranationalists and the Russian government. The aim of the ultranationalists is to restore Russia to its Soviet era glamour. The narrative of the story is quite compelling along with rich and complex characters. The gameplay is also quite exciting, although there is no novelty in it. The game’s numerous options and multiplayer modes are like an icing on the cake and enhance the playing experience.

COD 4 xbox 360 Cover

Mass Effect – It’s a highly interactive Sci-fi game set in far future, when star travel has become possible for the mankind. While researching for an extinct race, Commander Shepard, the main character (which can be customized) gets himself entangled in a complex evolutionary and political power play, involving the Reapers, the inorganic creatures and mass effect, a universal force akin to gravity in our universe. The game is highly interactive, and once you start playing it, you are sure to get addicted to it.

mass effect xbox 360 cover


One thought on “Some of the Most Addictive Games on Xbox 360

  1. DTI April says:

    Nice post. If I had to pick the most addictive game I’ve played yet on the 360 though I think it would have to be Minecraft. I finished the achievements a LONG time ago, but I just keep coming back for more!

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