Xbox One – Couldn’t have asked for more.

What could possibly be better than a device identifying your face, recognizing your voice and adhering to your every command, thus be called, in other words, the realm of entertainment? Yes, that is where the Xbox One gets to be introduced. Xbox One, which is actually dangling between a TV box that can obey any of your bark like a good pet, and a box where multiple games can be played, is in fact so large a black brick that it could be mistaken for a Honda Civic parking place. The Microsoft’s Xbox One is a thoroughly studied, astonishing move that shall soon be hurled into the centrum from the appeals of just few groups.

In case of planning a highly advanced TV by any other company other than Microsoft, they are bound to experience those few drops of sweats on their temples that solely indicates the amazing technology this machine is composed of, and the future of TV it shall carve up. Yell for once, “Xbox on,” or in other moods, “Xbox TV,” and the machine shall faithfully obey your demand, thus opening up whichever way you want it to be.

If that’s anything, then one must be further appalled by the dead-on technology Microsoft has put in it. The machine switches instantly to any show you might utter the name of, as well as with one step of yours walking into the room this spy is placed in, it shall recognize your face instantly and present you with your ‘favorite shows’ tablet, or the programs that you had left on before recklessly going to flop on the bed for a long snore. Thus, the Xbox might be, in other words and appropriate to say, your virtual entertaining servant!

With the slew of features and breath-taking options Xbox One has come about with, it seems like Microsoft has taken another almost-impossible task of making the television intelligent, in the literal sense even. It is no doubt the several other Live Bodies have sunk down to bottom with Xbox One finally in action.

Keep your breath for more features Xbox seems to go on with. It also offers the option to have a look to what your other friends are watching currently, and gives a built-in Skype feature to get on-line and have a good discussion/chat about a show with them. Or in mood of some easing, you can grab their addiction and annoy the hell out of them. Possibly, what more could a simple machine give than all this?

Xbox have, furthermore, made another great place in the hearts of simple game players. Defeating the rest of devices that offered the best of gaming options, Xbox One actually made it possible to short-list your friends currently on, and shoot them down with a rifle. Xbox evidently succeeded in making ‘television’ a smooth and social arena, with quality video and all the more a television could offer.

Xbox has, apparently, changed many living rooms into a full-time entertainment arena. It has changed the way television was introduced to amuse the people, and is the introduction of a brand-new era.


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