Halo 4

halo 4

It was surely quite a big surprise that the game Halo by Microsoft’s Xbox was being adapted into a Television series by Steven Spielberg the renowned Sci-fi director. Although his TV series have not been as popular as his films, still his name itself is enough to draw the eyeballs and push up the TRP’s of the program.

Although it is quite impossible to create the same effect in the games as in TV serials or films, still adapting the film or TV serial characters in the games, lends them the authenticity that they cannot manage on their own.

Recently Halo’s Forward unto Dawn which started as a series of small episodes of 15 minutes each has been compiled into a full length movie for Blu-ray and DVD release. It is sure to give us a pointer, as to how the things turn out when game and film mix with each other.

With a budget of $10 million, it is one of the costliest web series that has ever been made. With Spielberg budgeting each episode of his into millions, this amount of 10 million may be peanuts, and you cannot expect too many fireworks in it.

Budget alone is not the only criteria which could affect the success of Halo. The characters in the film too need to portray themselves in a different manner.

The story revolves around a group of cadets being trained to be the elite soldiers in UNSC, when suddenly the enemy appears on the scene and there is chaos all over. Finally the young cadets come face to face with the Chief setting off the chain of events that lead to the opening of Halo 4.

Although so much money has been pumped into the film, it fails to create the impact on the people, who have experienced Halo in the game form. The hard core fans of the game are sure to be disappointed by the sketchy portrayal of the characters and the script as compared to the original game.

The intention behind the making of Forward unto Dawn was quite honest, but it fell flat mainly due to the loose script and low budget. Microsoft however went ahead with the film simply due to the allure of a full length live action movie.

As compared to Halo, wherein you imagine of colorful aliens running around, huge alien vistas, gangs of weird creatures, sleek vehicles banging into each other during the course of a battle, you will be quite disappointed to find none of it in Forward Unto Dawn. It’s really surprising how come Microsoft agreed to produce and invest so much money in the film.

The main purpose behind the making of Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn could be to broaden the audience beyond the gamers. But while watching the film, you get a feeling as if you are watching a video game. This particularly could be the main deterrent behind the non-gamers becoming the fans. The action may be exciting, but the other flaws in the film reduce the impact.

Be sure to check out the offical Halo 4 site.


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