25 Xbox Arcade Games

Ever since Xbox 360 was launched in November 2005, more than 600 games are being offered on Xbox Live arcade. Out of those 600, we have shortlisted the top 25, which you cannot afford to miss out.


1. Banjo-Tooie/Banjo-Kazooie – There was a time once, when only Nintendo 64 could compete with Super Mario 64. Although many new games have evolved now, but these two are still very playable and popular.


2. Beyond Good & Evil – The HD version is one of the most exciting adventures till date.


3. Castle Crashers – The animation makes it one of the few must-haves on X360.


4. Symphony of the Night – It remains one of the greatest games in the history of Castlevania series over the last 27 years.


5. Case Zero / Case West – Case Zero and Case West are simply brilliant extensions of Dead Rising 2.


6. Retro Evolved 2 – Retro Evolved was released as an XBLA version to the original Geometry Wars. It became so popular, that they had to release its sequel Retro Evolved 2


7. Ikaruga – Its a very interesting shooting game giving you very interesting options such as changing the color of the ship to improve the camouflage.


8. Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light – I’m sure you’ll find The Guardian of light quite exciting with lots of puzzles and gunplay.


9. Limbo – It’s a beautiful game with striking silhouette visuals.


10. Marvel vs Capcom 2 – It’s all about crazy shit flying all over the place. It’s a fighting game in which you can involve yourself a lot by putting in very little efforts.


11. Mega Man – Mega Man series is sure to challenge your skills with intriguing obstacles, which could be really difficult to overcome.


12. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition – its live arcade version has sold more than 6 million copies. You can create virtually endless number of environments.


13. The Secret of Monkey Island – The hand-drawn visuals with enhanced soundtrack make it a treat to play.


14. NBA Jam – Its a hugely addictive basketball game. The likes of Obama and Clinton will leave you in splits of laughter.


15. NiGHTS into Dreams – The Xbox version turned out to be a weak version of its wii counterpart, but is sure to leave you nostalgic.


16. Pac-Man – The Championship Edition is surely more exciting than the boring original version.


17. Perfect Dark – it is considered to be a perfect sequel to GoldenEye, wherein Joanna Dark has replaced the suave James Bond.


18. Still Alive – Still Alive is the most exciting way to play the original portal puzzle game.


19. Puzzle Quest – The puzzles on Puzzle Quest are quite addictive. It is one of the biggest surprises of the generation.


20. Rez – The HD remake of this 2001 classic is ditto as its original, except that the graphics have been highly improved.


21. Rock Band Blitz – The Blitz splits the song into 5 different variations. You can try the different permutations and combinations of the song to see the different effects.


22. Sam & Max Series – The Sam & Max save the world packs together all the six episodes in one compact package. A fun game for point and click fans.


23. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – Based on the film with the same name, it is more similar to the comic book on which the film was based.


24. Sega Vintage Collections – Of all the games in the compilation, The Streets of Rage collection is by far the best of all.


25. Sensible World of Soccer – When FIFA was still in its nascent stages, Sensible Soccer was immensely popular. The game packed with 1500 teams and 27,000 players offers all the thrills of the real soccer on the field.


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