PlayStation 4: What, When?

While a large portion of population may consider gaming as a waste of time and money, to the loyal gaming community this is the only real entertainment.  Psychologists have also occasionally concluded that gaming may develop certain skills in the gamers and children.  Whatever be our view on that, the fact remains that the gaming community is eagerly waiting for new models from both the gaming giants –   PlayStation 4 from Sony and Xbox One from Microsoft.


In February Sony released the some details of the much awaited PlayStation 4 including technical specs.  Just what the PlayStation enthusiasts were expecting.  By all accounts PS4 will be a system that will have blazing speed.  What else would one expect with an 8 core processor and 8 GB RAM.


Ability of current hardware to handle 3D graphics and a great deal of interactive in the games have made video games a great deal more interesting to a much wider audience when compared to early games like Pac-man.  Characters which once were nothing more than caricatures now look almost real.  Each new version of console bringing with it new set of games with subtle improvements in the gaming experience that we have come to take for granted.


Among new applications and services, Sony plans to release the PlayStation App, allowing PS4 owners to turn smartphones and tablets into a second screen to enhance gameplay.  Level of motion sensing is going to be one of the most eagerly features of PlayStation 4.  Sony has not revealed much about this during their announcement in February.  What we know is about PS4 Eye is that its similar shaped camera bar contains two 1280×800 px cameras.  In case of the controller there is clearly not much change though Sony talks about a series of improvements in DualShock 4 over the earlier version of controller.


Sony has already said that PS3 games will not be compatible with PlayStation 4.  Same was conveyed by President of SEC Worldwide Studio during an interaction with journalists. This would mean that gamers would not be able to play hundreds of games they may already be carrying.  This is something that is galling for enthusiast who may have collected over years.


To assuage the fears of their loyal customer base Sony has clarified that you will be able to play PS3 games on PS4 in emulated mode or through the cloud.  In layman’s language it is a matter of paying extra dollars to Sony in form of DRM.  One needs to wait to see how it will work out in practice.


Sony’s PlayStation 4, coming nearly 7 years after the previous version of PlayStation, is expected to bring in quantum jump in the gaming experience.  Ultimately gamers will want to try out their hands on a PlayStation 4 before they give their final verdict.  For that they still need to wait a few months.  While the official release date for PS4 announced by Sony is cryptic “Holiday 2013” fanatics and hard core loyalists cannot wait and have already started booking their PlayStation 4.


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You can thank me later.


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