The Future of Indie Video Games

The market of video games is changing rapidly. Traditionally the industry has depended upon the popular consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo etc. for developing the major blockbuster titles. As the sales of hardware are declining, many new free to play software are being offered by the independent mobile game developers. The penetration of internet into almost every home has opened up a Pandora of opportunities to those who can meet the ever growing demand of the gaming industry. At the Game Developers Conference being held in San Francisco this year, majority of the attendees would be indie developers, and they would be focusing mainly on developing the games for tablets and smart phones.


Evolution of Video Games – The independent video games developed almost at the same time when the video games came into existence. Pong, one of the first video games was developed by a person who was working for Atari. Although Atari itself became a large company, the indie developers are themselves solitary freelancers who work in sub human conditions to provide the best entertainment to the world. The distribution access has led to some of the biggest developments. The penetration of personal computers into their lives allowed them to freely redistribute the games using the storage media such as floppy discs, CD’s, DVD’s etc. This further led to the concept of shareware games, which could be played for free with some restrictions.


With the advent of internet in the 21st century, indie games have turned into a global phenomenon. The unlimited gaming and distribution options available online has led to many success stories both financially as well as in terms of innovation. This has cut down the role of middlemen. The freelance developers can now sell their hard developed games directly on their own websites or on networking platforms. However some big games need to be developed only by large companies who use different developers to work in parallel so that the deadlines can be met. Usually there are no strict deadlines for creating indie games. Therefore the developers and programmers can concentrate more on creative aspects while developing these games. This in turn greatly enhances the player experience.


The gaming industry is undergoing a drastic transformation due to the emerging new business models such as development incubators, micro transactions and crowd funding. On the other hand the big guns are taking notice of this trend to make the things easier for the developers and creators. For example, PlayStation 4 being offered by Sony would be a very powerful PC, which would let the developers to create and sell the games more easily. Microsoft and Nintendo are holding information sessions at Game Developers Conference to teach newer and easier methods of making games and applications for smartphones.


As thousands of new games are getting launched, new funding and networking companies have also started to focus on this. The newer computer courses have also started to focus on development and creation of the exciting video games. 



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