XBox One: Look No Further for the Ultimate Entertainment Experience

What if there was a gaming and entertainment console that knew everything about you? What if this console knew your face and responded to your unique voice, obeying your every utterance? Would you call this be the greatest gaming and entertainment console ever? Well, this seemingly Sci-Fi technology has become a reality with the arrival of Microsoft’s new XBox One. This amazing consoles combines an unreal gaming console with highly advanced TV technology programmed to do whatever you command it to do, like man’s best friend. The XBox One, a huge black box, is a captivating piece of hardware that will soon take the world by storm.


With all the XBox One’s amazing capabilities, companies developing TV technology for the future are sure to go back to the drawing board once they see what this awesome new machine can do. Microsoft’s new entertainment console is setting a whole new standard that will likely revolutionize the world of television. Users can tell their console, “XBox on” or “XBox TV,” and remarkably, the system responds accordingly.


Furthermore, the technology behind this capability is extremely advanced. All you have to do is speak the name of whatever programmed show you want you console to turn on. Even more impressive, all you have to do is walk into the room and the system’s spy, which recognizes your face, will immediately pull up your “Favorite Shows” tablet or the whatever show you were previously watching when rushed out, or nodded off and fell asleep. The new XBox One is far beyond a gaming/entertainment system; it’s your own personal entertainment servant!


Microsoft has seemingly created an intelligent robot TV with all the amazingly innovative options and groundbreaking features they’ve added. With the XBox One, Microsoft is holding the torch when it comes to the most innovative and evolutionary entertainment technology.


Still not impressed! The list of amazing features on this system doesn’t end there. With the new TV functionality, you can connect with friends and see what shows they’re watching. There’s also a built-in Skype function, so you can chat live with friends about your favorite TV programs while you watch them. Looking for some more fun? Get online and nag your friends. With the XBox One, the possibilities are virtually endless.


You can even shortlist friends on the network and shoot them down with a rifle. In sum, the XBox One is a revolution in the world of live television with the highest standard of picture quality and brand new social arena for viewers.


Aside from these new features, Microsoft continues to draw in basic gamers simply looking for an awesome traditional gaming experience, eclipsing other great gaming systems that also provide great gaming experiences.


With the introduction of the new XBox One, living rooms have become fully-realized centers of viewing and social entertainment. Microsoft has simultaneously brought about a whole new era of television and console gaming alike.



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