Free Runescape Membership

How to get a free runescape membership code:

There are many ways to do this, but except for winning luck draws, all of these require some degree of work. No-one will throw 10 bucks at you for free. Here’s the list of ways to get free runescape membership:

1. GPT sites. Known as ‘get paid to’ sites. Points2shop is probably the best GPT site out there to use. You get ‘points’ for doing things such as watching videos, liking facebook pages and doing surveys which you can exchange for runescape membership.

2. Referrals: Refer some friends on runescape to get free runescape membership.

3. Competitions: search online for competitions being held on forums and blogs. They often give out free membership, just make sure you search the ones that are recent.

4. Make lots of runescape gold, and trade it so someone else for a runescape membership card. This is a bit risky, but there’s lots of willing people out there that will trade millions of rs gold for a month of membership. You can find these people on forums related to runescape or gaming in general.

That’s it folks! That’s how to get free runescape membership. All the generators you see are all scams, designed to make you do a survey or give you a virus. Avoid those at all costs! Do the above methods instead, they require work, but they’re all valid methods which I’ve personally done before. Even though the last one may be against the rules, I’ve never been banned for it.


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