Mojang Rides the Minecraft Wave


Stockholm based independent video game company Mojang touched tad below $100 Million in profits for the year 2012 according to GamesIndustry International.  Mojang is better known for the game Minecraft developed by Markus “Notch” Persson.


Released in 2009 as Alpha version, Minecraft has achieved success by breaking most of the industry records.  Success helped Persson quit his job and start his own company Mojang.


Minecraft the Game


It is an open world game allowing a player a great deal of freedom to choose how he wants to play.  There are no specific goals to be achieved.  It is a game centered around placing and breaking blocks.  The game world is made up of 3D objects.  Mainly cubes.  The original version was game with no characters.


It is played in two modes.


  • Survival Mode is about collecting material found in the environment.  Building, fighting mobs, maintaining hunger are part of this mode.  In general you struggle to survive.  Exploring the land, fighting monsters and managing with limited inventory supplied to them is all a part of survival mode.


  • Creative mode, as name suggests is about creating with unlimited possibilities.  Here player cannot usually die.  Here player has unlimited blocks to build.  There is no health bar in creative mode making the player immune to all the damages.


While the game is supposed to have no end, in the Survival mode Minecraft offers players a kind of goal and definable ending in form of defeating the Ender Dragon.


From being a cult classic, it has grown to be one of the most popular games available today with more than 20 million installations across PC, Xbox and Android versions as of January 213.  It has received numerous awards starting with Best Debut Game in 2010.


The original version of Minecraft is available as free version for online play.  That is more like playing current version in creative mode.  You can buy Minecraft current versions on different platforms.


World of Minecraft (WoM) is an online Minecraft community founded in 2009.  On their own custom servers they provide the game where users are permitted special commands for which there was no option in the normal Minecraft.   Besides WoM there are a large number of sites offering Minecraft tips and Minecraft Guides.


Mojang to stay independent


Having become one of the hottest buyout target or investment opportunities neither Persson nor Mojang CEO Carl Manneh is enticed.  They are quite happy earning far more than what they ever wished for.  Minecraft aficionados can expect the duo to guide the company for now in its independent avatar.



The Xbox 720! Keeping on the Cutting Edge of Entertainment Systems

xbox 720

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has not yet settled with consumers and already the market is abuzz with the expected arrival of the more advanced Xbox 720.  Technology companies, including Microsoft, are moving ahead to develop the next generation of hardware and gadgetry to add to the innovations already in the market place.  Innovation is always welcome even in a market that is generally unprepared.

The main technology players in the market add to the choices in hardware and gadgetry, as each producer seeks to hit the market with the latest of its brand.  Here, we are seeing the aggressive push toward “raising the bar”, even with very little consumer complaints about items already on the market.  Imagine, the presence of the highly innovative, far advanced, next generation gaming consoles, Xboxes, processors, and other entertainment devices in a market where users are still getting used to the existing hardware, and where users have not yet mastered all the features of that last high tech device.  This is the situation with Microsoft’s Xbox.

Remaining on the cutting edge

Microsoft sees the need to remain on the cutting edge and dominate the technology market.  As soon as the Xbox 360 was pushed into the market, the same innovative teams huddle to come up with the next best thing.  – The Xbox 720!

Microsoft, despite losing in excess of one billion dollars in launching the Xbox 360 a few years ago, is still enjoying strong sales, long after the production of the last Xbox in October 2005.  While Microsoft is enjoying the profit, it is moving toward the development of the next generation of that gaming system – the Xbox 720.

So after all, what is the point of developing next generation gaming and other entertainment systems if the existing hardware is hardly challenged by the software capabilities that currently exist?  The truth is that existing hardware, like the Xbox, carries impressive features and capacities and is able to do far more than the software developed for them.  It appears quite ludicrous for producers of hardware to press ahead in producing more powerful systems when associated software lag behind in capability and pace.

Maybe it is in consideration of such a scenario that persons in the know assert that Microsoft is contemplating delaying the introduction of any novel gaming and entertainment hardware until High Definition TV sets are more widely distributed in the market place.  The real concern however is the benefit of adding hardware that require a high definition visual experience when the means to achieve this – the High Definition TV – is not popular across US households.

In the meantime, it was reported that Intel was attempting to influence Microsoft by striking a deal to replace the AMD Processor that is used in the Xbox with its own chip.  If this deal happens, this would change the way consumers enjoy the Xbox. Look out therefore for the more powerful and vastly superior Xbox 720 coming soon, even as you continue to discover the power of the Xbox 360 you recently bought.